Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hope Ya Know, We Had a Hard Time

Today I spoke with a single sister who recently found out she is going blind. She is 47 years old and still has three children at home under the age of 16. She had to quit her job in order (they hope) to slow down the process of going blind. She says this is about the last blow she can take from life. I encouraged her to come back to church, to let her Bishop help her, her visiting teachers. She said she only wanted to shut the door to her room and never come out again. Everything she goes to do, she added, simply reminds her that her ability to complete the task will soon be an inability. I thought of her as I watched this video.

It is something that I think, that can lend strength in the midst of our trials. I hope it helps any who take the opportunity to view it. May we always remember that no matter how difficult the trial, like so, with my new friend, we need not face them alone, not completely. The Lord never leaves us alone and comfortless. He is always there if we will put our trust in Him and not shut the door to His extended arms of mercy.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Palindromes and Moms

Did you know Mom spelled backwards and upside down, is wow,
and right side up and backwards, is still the same somehow?

Moms love us forwards, backwards, and even upside down,
wooing, lifting, onward turning right-side up a frown.

Gently nudging upward, they wow us with their love,
finding good within us, lest we see some bad thereof.

This simple variation, as complex as it may sound,
describes why mother’s miracles abundantly abound.

A Palindrome we define it; direction, way, again,
like mothers guiding heavenward, despite the will of men.

By virtue, mom or mow, wow or mom, either is the same,
amazingly, but clearly, they both describe her name.

I hope anyone who reads this enjoys their Mother's Day, whether they are celebrating being a mother or celebrating a mother. I salute all mothers everywhere; the hardest greatest job on earth! It is my previldge to enjoy the title of such a position. I have been blessed by the most wonderful children, whose love goes on through the gift of their own children or those yet to come.

To my children I say: Thank you for bringing honor to your earthly parents name and more importantly, your Heavenly Parents, by the way in which you live your lives. I love you all! You make Mother's Day for me. Truly "I have no greater joy than to hear my children walk in truth."
3 John 1:4