Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Future is in Good Hands

Let's hope that the horrendous 911 memory of today is never added upon, in any part of the world; The youth of tomorrow deserve better. However, should it loom it's ugly destructive head again in the future, I will find hope in the righteous, good youth of today to lead us forward. As a prophet of God has stated"...I see this as the one bright shining hope in a world that is marching toward moral self-destruction..." President Gordon B. Hinckley

Yesterday I had the such a great time substitute teaching at Seventy First High School. The students were some of the best I have had the opportunity to work with. They were respectful, engaged. They were there, for the most part, in an effort to learn. I loved every minute of it. Deanna McNay asked me to fill in for her and I don't know how she did it but she had them on their best behavior! Perhaps I don't give them enough credit, maybe they are like that all the time? I wouldn't be surprised.

Let me give you one example of what I mean. when I asked the class if there is anything that they believed in so strongly that they would stand up for it even in the face of public humiliation. One courageous young man said. "I believe in abstinence before marriage", right there in front of his peers! There were comments made but he stood strong and guess what, no one laughed.

Sometimes I leave a class room thinking, "I was not made for this, maybe I should be doing something different", and then I have days like yesterday that make me want to go back again and again. I am grateful to Sister McNay for the trust and the opportunity she gave me to work with such outstanding students, her students. Last but not least, thanks to the students of Mrs. McNay's History class, the future of tomorrow looks better with you in it.
Mrs. Mann, aka Oxymoron

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I just got through reading 3 Nephi:22 where it is recorded how the Lord asked Nephi for a record of the people and found Nephi had not included some things. As I read that I felt disappointment. I had made a promise to myself that this blog would be my journal. A journal filled with experiences which attest of my Heavenly Father's love. Yet, I find that knowing it is open to any who care to read, influences my desire to want to share. Therefore, I neglect that which will and is, of great value to myself, my posterity and my Heavenly Father.

After reading 3 Nephi 22, I read my daughter-in-law's post. She put into words so eloquently what I was feeling. She has inspired me to write down my thoughts, regardless. Oft times I feel I need some Pulitzer acclaimed comments to journal and rather than take the time to even attempt to achieve such a thing, I pass, letting the things which I feel are sacred or important go unchronicled.

One day I may be asked to hand over such a book as the one afore ascribed by Mormon. If that moment were now, where would I be? Not a pleasant thought for me. Thank you Melissa for waking me up out of a prideful sleep and helping to shake the scales from my eyes. Helping me to write down the 'moments that matter':)