Thursday, December 10, 2009

"Return to Virtue" (Elaine S. Dalton, Young Women General President) Ensign May 2009

For my post this morning I choose to add a recent e-mail I wrote to Reebok. Should any of you decide you want to make a comment to Reebok, I have included the link. Hopefully none of you have viewed the commercial referred to below, but be forewarned, if you see Reebok pop up for an infomercial (sp?) you may want to quickly get rid of the sound as well as the picture!

To whom it may concern,
I am a runner, I have five children, all are married and all twelve of us (including my husband) are athletes. My daughter and her husband are triathlon participants. My son and daughter-in- law have been half-marathon runners, another son is a baseball coach at a university in Virginia, I could go on but hopefully you get the message that we buy a lot of athletic products in our family. The purpose of this e-mail is to tell you that I was highly offended by a commercial you ran on the internet during the video "Chuck" (Warner Brothers) It is nothing short of pornographic and I found myself terribly disappointed in Reebok. If this commercial continues to air, as well as any like it in the future, I will no longer be making Reebok purchases of any kind. I can assure you I will send this message on to any who will listen, especially my children, who have a high sense of regard for virtue as well. I urge you to find a more educated and respectful way to sell your product.
Sherrie Mann

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Once Young Boy, is Now a Man

While spending a most wonderful Thanksgiving with Logan, Becca (puppy Roxie), Cory, Melissa, girls; Katelund, Cloey and Hailey (via Melissa's tummy), I learned something about our son, Logan that touched me and spoke of a noble and righteous love. Melissa was asking Becca what Logan had said when he found out she had Multiple Sclerosis. Becca said the minute she heard she went on campus and found him. Understandably anxious, she pulled him out of the class he was in and after telling him, stated, "You know, I could end up in a wheel chair or end up handicapped, are you sure you want to still marry me? You don't have to you know." Logan answered without hesitation, He said: "I am not marrying you for this lifetime. I am marrying you for the eternities and you'll be perfect in the eternities". The quick "Oh," from Melissa was followed by "Isn't that the most tender and romantic thing you have ever heard?" A slight gasp escaped my lips and tears filled my eyes as I felt an overwhelming love and respect for the boy that I knew as my son and now the man I know as Becca's husband.