Monday, July 26, 2010

Happy Eternal Birthday, Clairisa.

July 26th

Her tiny heartbeats, nay but one, her perfect little soul,
Came and left before we knew, towards her heavenly role.
Though her mortal life was fleeting, we'll never be the same,
She came to fill her purpose that we might celestial gain.
Because we long to be with her, she makes us better be,
More like our Savior, Jesus Christ, to live eternally.

And so, today we wish you with joyful, yet humble hearts
Happy Birthday little Clairisa, for mortality is one small part.
Because two hands across an alter with promises made by three;
Father, then father and mother, your family was bound eternally.
And when we have completed all we were sent here to do,
With the Lord's mutual approbation, we will come and dwell with you.

Love Grandma by the beach.